17 thoughts on “Raving Madman

  1. HA! … nope… Trump can’t possibly be the anti-christ, ‘though mainstream media spins otherwise. There are too many Jewish people within his own family/circle. Hillary, on the other hand… yikes… She makes me shudder!!! :-/ πŸ’œ ❀

    • Sorry for not responding for over a month, I have been recovering from a months long illness which left me with little desire to write or spend much time on WordPress, but I am hoping to be back on as normal over the next couple of weeks. Anyway, I hope this election finds an “adult” put back in the White House, regardless of all of her flaws, she really is our best hope.

  2. He seems to be creating his own demise. The thought of him being president is unimaginable. It seems increasingly unlikely that will happen but somehow he’s made it this far. I don’t know how he did that either.

    • I kept waiting for him to do one thing that would signal his end (and there have been many), but as even his most recent actions have shown, there is no end to how low he will stoop. Perhaps this latest turn of events is the demise most of us have been looking for. Time will tell.

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