I Never Really Knew Her

My breath floated silently toward Heaven.

I watched as it disappeared

Blending seamlessly with the cloud filled sky.

With upturned collar

I stood with loved ones feeling completely alone;

Such a strange feeling this is.

I had known her for almost fifty years,

But suddenly came to realize…

I scarcely knew her at all.

Self-absorbed with my life, my own family,

Thinking she would always be there

I never thought to ask who she was,

What her life was like,

Even where she born;

It just never occurred to me to ask

And never came up in conversation.

My picture of her had always been the same,

White hair, as white as newly fallen snow,

Her cheek, soft and smooth to the kiss,

Kind and joyful, yet quiet as a mouse;

Always taking a backseat to the love of her life.

Sadly, her time has now passed

Taking with it the story that was her.

I am left to gather up snippets,

Like those tossed on the cutting room floor

Selectively shared second hand.

My chance has passed to hear her story

In the truth that can only come from living it.

No fault can be placed, but on me

So on me alone the fault must lie.

By divine retribution, I stand here,

In the icy chill of winter to bid farewell

To one I loved dearly,

More dearly than she would ever know

And with profound sadness I’ve come to realize

…That I never really knew her at all.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


10 thoughts on “I Never Really Knew Her

  1. I come to you with love Especially for You much happiness and good health transmits the iubire.Va want a magical evening and a good night sleep and blessed.

  2. I feel this way with many family members who have passed. We live such busy lives, focused, looking toward the future and in the midst of it all some of those around us (usually the ones who are the closest and mean the most to us) are placed aside – not in a bad way, so to speak, but because we figure there will be time – another time when or as soon as I finish this project I will or ……. Then when they are gone, we realize it is too late – to find out what we want, what we need from the person who lived it or made it – or made us who we are. xx Lovely writing Dom.

    • Thank you Kimberly and you got it exactly right. We get busy and figure that we will always have time and get to it when we finish the next thing and somehow it never seems to happen. It’s a very sad thing and has been bothering me lately. For those that have passed, it is too late, but it isn’t too late to do something about this attitude in the future.

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