Gone Are Those Days

Gone are those days

You know…the ones where our children are better off than we are.

What is better for them,

Saddled with debt for an education that guarantees them nothing,

Grown children living with their parents,

Prospects for their futures clouded,

Shadowed by unceasing war?

For many taking up arms for their country the only way to survive

Taking injury and death as necessary risks.

Is this what we wanted for our children,

Is this what our parents had hoped for us?

Where do they go from here in this country divided?

Everything is in turmoil!

The government is polarized,

The people brainwashed by extremist media.

Bankers, the greatest threat as described by our founders

Have slithered their way into our capital’s marble halls.

So much promise has been squandered.

This once great nation is sacrificing its young

And for what, pieces of gold,

A return to a past that has long since died,

Survival of the fittest where the rich become richer

And everyone else becomes irrelevant.

This is not the country I knew and loved,

It is an abomination of the worst kind

Feasting on the bones and blood of our children

To fuel its unquenchable lust and greed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


10 thoughts on “Gone Are Those Days

  1. This sounds like the current status of my life; my 23-y-o part-time shut-in whose rent we’re thinking about raising & the ridiculous mess of the IRS taxing us on phantom “income” we never saw (a chunk shaved off our mortgage by the bank)

    • It is you and it is my two older children 24 and 22, they can’t afford to live on their own and certainly can’t afford to buy a house, their job prospects are slim though both are educated. I really do feel bad for people your age and even those that are younger. Honestly I think it is going to be up to people of your generation to force change in our government, they don’t represent me in any way, so I’m positive that they don’t represent you at all. I truly hope that things improve for you. Thank you for sharing your story, I really do appreciate it.

  2. Dom, read again the beginning of Steinbeck’s Grapes of wrath just to remember that Banksters are NOT a new species, only a species that has festered on the ruins of ideal.

    • You are right, they are not a new species. Even long before the Grapes of Wrath, our founding fathers knew that they, the banksters, had the potential to be a great and destructive evil that needed to be contained. Unfortunately somewhere along the way that ideal was lost and look what happened. Thanks Ellar.

  3. I’m so feelin’ this…
    I have a son ready to go to college soon & am trying my best to see that he comes out of it with little or no debt. So ridiculous!

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