Liquid Adrenaline

Liquid adrenaline

Black and hot

Steaming like a freight train

Running the gauntlet thrown before it

Breaking through

At once there is clarity

Dawn’s fog is lifted revealing the beauty of day

Sights, the smell opens like an obsidian rose

Delightful and powerful

Bold and aromatic

Temporary, yet easily repeatable

In bountiful varieties

Mine–deep, dark and strong

Undiluted by flavors

Coffee–crack in my cup


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Jem Farmer – The Boipoet -Tuesday Thinking Prompt – 24 September 2013

Prompt Word: Coffee

Don’t You Ever Learn (Epistle)

WDBWP Monday Poetry Prompt #22: What Would You Say to You?



Don’t you ever learn

You spent our childhood always trying to please others

But where did that get you

What about pleasing us

What about it


Our teen years weren’t much different

Still trying to please the same people

Ignoring what we wanted

You acted like some kind of martyr

I don’t remember anyone asking for it


We had things we wanted to do

Sports, career, dreams that should have been a reality

And what did we do

We didn’t follow through

We ignored our own desires


Whose fault was this

It was nobodies but ours

To blame anyone else would be a lie

We didn’t stand up for what we wanted

So shut up and deal with it


Its nice though that we finally wised up

At least a little…maybe

We didn’t turn out half bad

We got smart and realized we missed her

And did something about it before she got away for good


She’s put up with us now for over 24 years

And hasn’t killed us yet

Although we probably deserved it

A long time ago

We can be high maintenance you know


And our children

What can we say

Thank God, the stars, dumb luck that they are great kids

The greatest treasure we could have asked for

A blessing if there ever was one


I’m thankful that they didn’t turn out like us

Well–At least not entirely

They did get some of their mother’s traits

Mostly the good ones…quiet she might be listening

Really, they don’t know how lucky they are


After all is said-and-done

We should be happy with how things turned out

Family is what is important

In spite of us we are doing pretty darn well in that area

A loving wife, wonderful children and a comfortable life


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Crack In The Sidewalk

Cracks in this decrepit sidewalk,

Jagged…from narrow to wide to narrow again,

Desolate except for the weeds that call them home.


I tread carefully, almost gingerly,

To avoid bridging the divide,

To avoid crushing the resilient squatters.


Fragile are their tender shoots,

Breaking at the slightest tug,

Recoiling back into the safety of the crevasse.

Wounded they wait for confidence to return,

Only then rearing their heads above the horizon,

This act plays out continuously until the final stand.


The final stand when ripped out by the root,

Poisoned ‘til they shrivel up and die,

Or trampled to oblivion.


Stunted and savaged,

We will never know for sure

Whether they be weeds

…Or perhaps the most beautiful of wildflowers.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Insomniac (Sonnet)

Sleep evades I toss and turn

Begging for good nights rest

This is all for which I yearn

Searching for slumber in jest

Plague as a Vampire to obambulate

Passing hour after hour on end

Striving on my sanity confiscate

Of this my foe will not bend

Try as I might absolute I am sure

My struggle most nights will go on

An insomniacs fate for eternity endure

Lasting until I am gone

Maybe its time for Ambien’s magic

To sleep before body and mind go tragic


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Word: Obambulate

Jem Farmer – The Boi Poet – Words at the Weekend – 21-22 September 2013 Poetry Prompt

The Trance

Rain fell torrential and strong

Thunder clapped and lightning struck

Reminiscent of Stoker won’t be long

Unless God grants us a little luck


Lightning flashed ‘cross blackened sky

Through gothic windows cast shadows eerie

I hope and pray I do not die

In castle dark on this night so dreary


Surely my mind must be playing tricks

These things I see must not be real

A touch of flu, I must be sick

For if I’m wrong then my fate is sealed


As shutters bang in wind and rain

A winged creature I thought I saw

With eyes glowing red am I insane

Rush I must, the curtains draw


A bang, a scratch on windows glass

I hide my face in fear a dream

A few long seconds the sound did pass

Minutes though it surely seemed


Then silence befell the musty room

A nightmare dream it must have been

Escape this place, this horrid tomb

Uncovering my eyes I turned a grin


Lo’ I find I am not alone

In shock I stumbled and couldn’t speak

Fear on my face I must have shown

Evidenced by wrinkle of widows peak


Eerie white and dressed in black

This fiend of fiction now stood before

I must admit I was taken back

Turning to run for bedroom door


Faster than a blink he blocked my way

In fear I trembled where I stood

Not a sound or word did he say

Under his cloak and silken hood


Then he scoffed deep and dark

The room took on a ghastly chill

Deadly silence no cricket or bark

A scream did emanate cold and schrill


Frightened I fell on bended knee

His putrid breath upon my neck

The room went dark I could not see

On whole of my life did I reflect


Grasping tightly with claw-like fingers

Hoisting me like a childs toy

Growing intensity my terror lingers

My heart and soul he seeks destroy


In a moments notice warmth I feel

A peace then fire runs through my veins

The slightest pinch in fog concealed

Monsters fangs they cloud my brain


I feel and smell the blood-soaked cotton

A trickle down my trembling arm

My wound it reeks of flesh gone rotten

Life is held in mortal harm


Again a laugh born of Satan’s Hell

Rings as unreal in dreary dream

My will to live dissolved in his spell

Nothing exists but him it would seem


This oddest of feeling from head to toe

My body and soul no longer of this world

Allegiance to him now must I show

Though why or how my thoughts he unfurled


He spoke in a tongue unlike my own

Though strangely understood by chance

You’ll never escape, I’ve returned you home

To eternity lived under Dracula’s trance


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Staring Blindly Into The Great Beyond (Sonnet)

Staring blindly into the great beyond

Feet broken and blistered at life’s crossroad

Scarcely knowing how to respond

From bearing these trials, a heavy load

This burden great, when might it end

Providing the bounty the Lord inspired

My back is weary with painful bend

Longing for rest, I’m oh so tired

Fate has dealt a sour hand

One which beats this soul far down

A wish to stand on solid land

Is swallowed up and surely drowned

In the end where doth fault lie

Somewhere unknown when this body dies


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~