Silence does not mean I don’t care.

Perhaps I’m stifling a self-righteous opinion

Or maybe I’m just listening like a good friend does.

I don’t have all the answers nor are any required.

Your questions are rhetorical,

Simply statements to self,

You already know the answers.

It isn’t my place to judge,

Only to offer advice when asked for it,

My judgemental days are over.

I don’t walk in your shoes,

I don’t feel what you feel,

I haven’t lived your life,

Struggled your struggles,

Traveled your rutted path.

Instead I offer my silence

…As a show of love and support.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Choosing To Work With Hands In The Earth (Sonnet)

Choosing to work with hands in the earth

The peace, the sun, the dirt under my nails

Paying homage to God with all that I’m worth

With prayers that my undertakings will not fail


Rest…I know not how regardless of the day

Once commanded so long ago, this I know

No disrespect do I mean, this is just my way

Through my labors this is how I show


Good for both the body and eternal soul

I offer my sweat and blood in your honor

All this that I sacrifice shall never take its toll

Doing nothing but good, my faults I shall conquer


Surrounded by God through all we endeavor

For this world is His temple, would He abandon us, I think never.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I Speak To You

I speak to you as though fragile.

Raised this way,

Its at times taken in offense

Though this is not my intention.

It is only done out of concern,

Not out of malice.


I know your strength,

Your ability to handle adversity,

You are so much stronger than I

Truth be told.


I stand in awe of your fortitude

For mine is but a facade,

Painted in watercolors,

Easily stormed if its weakness be known.

Yours, though transparent is ironclad,

Able to withstand any assault.


I am envious of you,

I am proud of you,

I am spellbound by you

And I am deeply in love with you.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

To Speak One’s Mind

To speak one’s mind, though respectfully is our right

Not to belittle, degrade or to fight

Civilized discourse is the much desired path

As opposed to yelling, screaming and fiery wrath


Little is solved through righteous indignation

Ushered on through prideful inflation

To say one’s piece then give another a chance

Its likely the opinion imparted will enhance


To disagree is common in life I propose

But civility is preferred, surely can’t be opposed

Our differences shared spice up this world

While insults cause more harm than good when hurled


Opinions I’ve spoke change from day to day

Its odd how that works the minds funny that way

While I try to follow the advice offered above

Sometimes I go over the edge showing anything but love


I try to give heed to another’s personal views

At times I fail miserable, though not what I would choose

This is human nature, be conscious of the fact

Because once its put out there you can never take it back.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Shame of Intolerance

Drama perseveres,
We remain shackled and chained to our past,
Bound to ideals thought long ago buried.
Under the same sky we are born and die,
Returned back to the earth caste-less.
Equality seems a distant dream.
We feign to have grown,
Only to rebound to our stunted ways,
Taking aim at the latest victim.
Shouldn’t we be color blind to the flesh by now,
Incomprehensible is it to have to legislate,
Over and over and over.
These delusions are not the end,
Fear mongering has become both sport and folly,
Substituting understanding for hostility and ignorance,
Attempting to rally the naive.
Those that hide behind their faith,
Calling evil, those beliefs that differ,
Claiming superiority,
Believe the propaganda.
We think we have progressed,
Advanced beyond infantile characterizations,
But we have not, we have digressed ,
Becoming more intolerant.
Residents of the rainbow are criticized and shamed,
As if their orientation was free will,
Demoralizing them as abominations before God.
Shallow and nescient is your moral constitution,
When will those of conscience rise up,
Ushering in diversity and equality.
Freeing those marginalized by a witless society,
To live full and fulfilling lives.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Elder Embrace

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Black hair gone thin and gray

Creases like dry riverbeds map the landscape

Winding effortlessly south

Either due to age or gravity or both

Dark olive skin, soft tautness lost to the years

Tired eyes struggle to catch the light of day

Once clear as crystals now foggy and uncertain

Reminiscent of the mist that envelops San Diego Bay

Memories of youthful virility invoked smiles and stories

Tales etched with vivid language

Language and reference not correct in todays world

Friends and acquaintances identified by race, creed and color

Shocked and amazed erupting in uncomfortable laughter

A likely product of the prejudice thrown at your feet

First breath drawn at the turn of the last century

Born of a race not so easily accepted

Unkind names and slurs labeling an entire lineage

Times had changed leaving you behind

Floundering as if in seizure

Living in an era that was foreign

Still there was no shame, no offense or ill intention

No defense levied for your words and actions

None was needed, none was desired

Age and time granted societal clemency

Few were left who lived the history

Fewer still survive to remember

Relegation to the page is approaching with haste

Embrace them while the opportunity affords

Cherish the time shared and knowledge imparted

Passing it down to the generations that follow

Their Call to Arms

By D. R. DiFrancesco

In irony and ignorance you call for war,
This, your answer to everything,
The conflicts we are in, we ask you what for,
While young men and women are daily dying.

For better or worse you are angrily passing,
Giving hope to those of us left behind,
You claw and you scratch with teeth you are gnashing,
Leaving bones and a legacy time will grind.

Our world is changing, but you refuse to see,
Guns and bombs are not the resolution,
Compassion and dialogue, the answer must be,
Death and destruction are not the solution.

To this you cry weak and unpatriotic,
You betray the American way,
These musings you suffer are scrambled and psychotic,
Traitorous if we don’t obey.

Your incessant call to arms is antiquated and outdated,
Straining relations, feeding global hatred,
The logic of your arguments are often debated,
Among those who hold the value of life sacred.

Your visions and violence are in the minority,
Still you cling to your dictatorial views,
The lambs they follow your odious seniority,
Instead of exercising their right to choose.

Would not diplomacy and friendship be a better choice,
Offering guidance and respect instead of demands,
Band together with one mind and a united voice,
Lending credence to cooler heads and calmer hands.